2022 Viral Content Framework

It’s December

Which means… 2 things are going to happen:

– Mariah Carey topping the charts

– And… a stream of content recapping 2022

Ones I’ve seen so far are:

1. Tinder’s Year in Swipe Report

2. Giphy’s Top GIFs of 2022

3. Spotify Wrapped 2022

And the one that we’ll all skim thru and share for sure: Google’s Year in Search 2022, recapping the top searches by country throughout the year

What’s the point of me bringing this up?

Well… if you want to generate more leads & be in front of more eyeballs, read on

What do you think happens to all of the 2022 content I mentioned above?

They get shares right out the gate

They reach millions and millions of people

Think about what state your market is in at the moment

It’s December, so generally they’re reflecting & reviewing, looking forward for the year to end or thinking about next year

If your content can help them in any part of what’s on their mind right now… you’ll be scoring tons of brownie points

So here’s a simple framework to get this piece of content out

1. What’s something that relates to 2022?

2. What’s some unique info that can only come from you or your biz?

3. What does your market care about?

Combine that and you’ll get your 2022 hit piece

Gate it to be a lead magnet if you want to generate leads

Ungate it if you want distribution and more eyeballs

Choose your poison

If you need examples, here’s 3:

For coaches: Tactics I used in 2022 that was effective in helping my clients achieve X

For SaaS: 12 unique ways our customers used our product in 2022 to achieve X

For a furniture eCom store: Top products people bought together in 2022, top color choices of our customers in 2022

There you go. Tag me if you end up using this.

Feel like it’s too late to create something like this?

You should probably get your marketing planning done earlier

If you need help with that from someone who has experience of being behind a 9-figure biz

…and you want to ensure 2023 will be your best year ever, I’m a message away

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