This Ad Has Generated Over 6 Figures in eCommerce Revenue

I was reviewing the performance inside my clients’ ad accounts and found that one of the ad has been running for months and it’s been responsible for generating over 6 figures in revenue.

So I’ve decided to break it down to see why it has been so successful.

1. Above the fold copy

Since FB has reduced the amount of text shown to only the first 3 lines, it has become an important real estate to capture the attention of the user immediately.

“Get a longer deeper sleep”

Bam! We immediately tell the user what benefits they get from this product.

2. Adding some authority & credibility.

Traditional Owner means the Aboriginal people. Since the product being sold here is related to native foods, we’re able to leverage the credibility of a Traditional Owner.

3. Describing the product in a unique way.

People are bombarded by products everyday. So if your product is unique, you have to paint the picture so that people will care about what you have to offer.

4. Positive feedback loop + social proof

A great ad will result in people commenting and engaging, which will result in more people doing the same thing.

If your ad is good, this positive feedback loop will happen, and that’s why we’re able to leverage this ad for such a long time.