Pissed Off For Success – Troy Assoignon

In this episode, I talk to Troy Assoignon.

Troy is a Positioning Expert & Business Growth Mentor for offline business owners coming online, coaches, consultants and advertising agencies.

When clients implement his strategies, they begin to charge more & attract higher paying clients who love & respect them.

These new clients refer them new business opportunities frequently because they are extremely pleased and happy.

He often cuts their time spent on the business in half and double their revenue.

If you’d like his help, he can be reached on his website: https://troyassoignon.com

Pissed Off For Success – Julia Vorontsova

In this episode, I talk to Julia Vorontsova, a marketing agency owner, about her journey to success.

Listen to find out how she went from wanting to be a professor to a successful agency owner that gets smashing results for her clients.

Some of her agency’s results include:

– Helping an e-commerce biz generate a revenue of $200,000/m with 50% profit margin. and ROAS(return on ad spend) of 3x

– Helping a metal recycling business make $6,000,000 in 6 months

– Running multiple 7-figure campaigns in the home building & car dealership industry.

You can reach her on her website: https://kakadu-media.ca